HARDI was founded more than 50 years ago in Denmark. In 2007, the company joined EXEL Industries (approx. EUR 450 million revenue, 2,600 employees) which is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. World leader in spraying technology, EXEL Industries is present in the three major spraying areas: Industry (spray guns and other application equipments for liquid, viscous or powder products), Consumers (hand operated sprayers for gardening) and Agriculture (field, orchard and vineyard sprayers).

HARDI is an organisation with:
-sales, production and product development facilities in France, Spain, Australia, North America and Denmark
-sales companies in Scandinavia, Germany and Great Britain
-importers covering the rest of the world.
-the following trade marks in its portfolio.: HARDI, EVRARD, ILEMO

HARDI employed staff:
Total world wide approx. 1,050 people
Based in Denmark approx. 575 people

HARDI facilities in square metres:
HARDI group main factory, Nørre Alslev, Denmark – 47,000m2
HARDI-EVRARD headquarters, Savigny, France – 5200 m2
HARDI-EVRARD factory, Beaurainville, France – 15,500 m2
Pommier factory, Viabon, France – 6,500 m2
HARDI Australia headquarters, Adelaide – 15,000 m2
HARDI North America headquarters, Davenport – 9,200 m2
ILEMO-HARDI, Lleida, Spain – 6,000 m2
Sales offices England, Norway, Germany, USA, Australia – 8,000 m2

We are an international group whose goal is to satisfy the user’s requirements for quality – ensuring efficient, punctual and precise application of crop protection products

We care about Terrain – TERRA FORCE

Auto Terrain helps to spray more safely, protecting the boom from ground strikes, and automatically prevents incorrect spray height. Compared to other boom management systems Auto Terrain is not only reacting on wrong boom height but also on the forces influencing the boom. That makes the system capable of working preemptively as well as working on actual height.

We care about Drift and Efficiency – TWIN

Drift reduction and optimized spraying with HARDI TWIN FORCE. You are able to spray faster and increase capacity by up to 100%. With optimized field timing you will also be able to save up to 30% in chemical consumption and increase your driving speed by more than 50%.

We care about Your Business – best ROI

We care about your spray tasks and have solutions for your business with a wide range of products and options to reduce the use of chemicals and to save money.
Auto Section Control, Auto Sterring, Integrated Electronics, SprayCircle, AutoWash, Central Greasing and WorkZone are just a few examples of how we can help you.

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