NEUERO Mobile Pneumatic Conveyors Type GSD are designed for suction only or suction/pressure conveying of grains. Unloading of ships and loading onto trucks or into rail cars; from ships directly to silos or flat storages and many more operating procedures are possible.

Max. Capacity 180 t/h of grain.

High pressure centrifugal blower of two-stages consisting of a fan housing with dynamically balanced impellers, bearing block made of cast iron with roller bearings and V-belt drive with tensioning device.

Air-flow regulator of special NEUERO design for controlling the conveying conditions, for limitation of the velocity of the conveying air and for limitation of the engine load.

Rotary airlock driven by V-belts or hydraulic motor and made out of cast iron housing including a rotor with tungsten carbide tipped blades to increase the service life of the airlock. Fitted with slip clutch to protect the airlock from any damage in case of blocking.

Primary intake-cyclone of a two-piece design, swivelling and made out of steel sheets with replaceable wearing plates from manganese alloy. Equipped with an inspection flap and an inner separator to avoid that grain and foreign materials going through the centrifugal blowers.

Control panel incorporating all switch gears and automatic devices.

Frame with 4 mechanically operated supports fitted to the corners of the box-type frame, 4 eye-bolts, 2 running axles, turntable steering, 1 axle brake and 4 air-tired wheels. 

Motor type for series 250 / 280: 

Diesel engine, Caterpillar, Typ C9, 6 Cylinder, Line engine, 4-stroke, with HEUI injection and 205 kW at 1900 rpm

…or with:

Electric motor of 200 kW with special characteristic for heavy-duty start.

Telescopic-Hydraulic boom TA 8 / TA 16,5 with slewing range of 310°, boom length 8,0 – 16,5 m, telescoping range max. 2,20 – 6,00 m, boom lifting angle 45°.

While positioning the mobile conveyor on the ship deck, direct loading of trucks is possible due to the turning capabilities and flexibility of the suction and pressure booms.

Unloading of railway wagons or trucks and loading ships

Positioned on a ship deck, the mobile vacuum conveyor can directly unload trucks or wagons while filling the ship holds.

Being placed on a traveling gantry the conveyor can load the ship by using the pressure pipe while the swivelling suction line can reach two rail cars in parallel for unloading.

Distributed on the ground the GSD can reach the complete length of a waggon or a truck and unloading it without the necessity to move it until the truck is completely empty.

Unloading to belt conveyors

Unloading any type of carrier can be done in suction mode only with delivering the material onto a belt conveyor. This can be achieved with pneumatic conveyor of type GS (stands for General Suction) with telescoping suction boom with or without an aspiration system.

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